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  1. author

    You’re Wrong7 menit yang lalu

    ANSU FATI!!!

  2. author

    OtherSideOfMorningJam Yang lalu

    Arsenal challenging..sure Aresene..sure..

  3. author

    Tashrif Alam2 jam yang lalu

    And Mourinho will know about undue criticism because he was also the assistant of Sir Bobby Robson when he was in charge of FC Barcelona, and no matter if they won or lost, they used to curse out Sir Bobby simply because he didnt play like Johan Cruyff as the manager. I disagree with the point of view that at 17:21 that nobody helped him, because he was assistant to Sir Bobby Robson from his days in Porto, Sporting Lisbon and Barcelona and then also under Louis Van Gaal when he was in charge of Barcelona

  4. author

    Armando JQZ2 jam yang lalu

    La gente pendeja dirá que Ochoa es el mejor portero de la concacaf

  5. author

    Tashrif Alam2 jam yang lalu

    8:22 to me the 2004/05 Chelsea is probably top two Premier League sides of all time. They will slightly behind the 1998/99 Manchester United squad but my god, defensively they were immaculate, attacking wise they had flexibility and pace and power

  6. author

    Tashrif Alam2 jam yang lalu

    8:53 that was one of the best defensive performance in modern football, what Inter did in 2009/10 was phenomenal

  7. author

    Maximo Reyes cantarell2 jam yang lalu

    Por ser centroamericano no lo quieren no se hagan p endejos malditos racistas doble moral

  8. author

    Carlos Paz3 jam yang lalu

    Así jugaba eto

  9. author

    agung prawira3 jam yang lalu

    Why he didnt back to inter, on serieA, his style of play is normal.

  10. author

    jm124 jam yang lalu

    Arsene and Arsenal to me for ONE entity

  11. author

    Cam Tobin5 jam yang lalu

    Sinceramente dios si esta con el o fuel un tremendo chimbazo

  12. author

    RealTalk Barca7 jam yang lalu

    These pundits are losing their minds. Fans of PSG are within their right. But should be mad at the owners. PSG Qatari ownerships is the problem Why make statement about Neymar then not sell him. The owners turned the fans against Neymar now need both of them. That’s abusive behaviour. Why can’t PSG resign big players? Why do they want to leave so bad. They try to make you England into benchmark for everything Real are a bigger club than Chelsea. Simple fans demand more. Comparing Neymar to Benz is nonsense First Madrid believe in him and support him. Benz never wanted to leave. Not even a close. How long before these pundits turn on Fati? No trust in Cowardly Valverde. So Neymar Fati And Messi This should be the Barca show. Lol I guess no one cares about PSG.... 😂

  13. author

    Alejandro Barillas9 jam yang lalu

    JAJA yo entre a este video por el pescado😂😂❤️

  14. author

    Dương Hà Văn10 jam yang lalu

    Love Mr. Arsene so much

  15. author

    madihah wy10 jam yang lalu

    Ansu should play for Spain. seems like a no brainer for me

  16. author

    Miguel Zavala14 jam yang lalu

    Bonita la comentarista

  17. author

    Marian M15 jam yang lalu

    ‘AnFiElD iS sPeCiAl’ If teams have that kind of mentality they deserve to lose. Just stfu and do the job, stadium is a stadium.

  18. author

    Eduardo Bedoya15 jam yang lalu

    Mucho equipo Ecuador, les dio clase Mundialista, Aprendan uds.

  19. author

    Jordy Diaz15 jam yang lalu

    Not that impressive when playing in a farmers league.

  20. author

    Kerr Avon15 jam yang lalu

    God, I'm welling up here. I almost like the guy

  21. author

    Alan Maldonado16 jam yang lalu

    Ese guey de verde esta bien pendejisimo que clase de excusa de persona no chinges

  22. author

    Thales16 jam yang lalu

    She sounds like Janice from ''Friends''

  23. author

    ThePark 62716 jam yang lalu

    Quieremos leer lo que le dicen, El tuvo y tomo la decision de hace menos al equipo al que el escojio irse para ser estrella, ahora que sigue de sombra quiere irse al Barca

  24. author

    Clotilde Lobato17 jam yang lalu

    Se estrenio con goles Como ANSu fati ?????

  25. author

    Ismail H17 jam yang lalu

    So happy for Benedetto, Dale Boca !!

  26. author

    ATS17 jam yang lalu

    Pls don’t overhype him

  27. author

    Franny Darko18 jam yang lalu

    Who cares

  28. author

    MaKos200418 jam yang lalu

    Monaco to ligue 2 confirmed. The owner destroyed a CL qualifing league in 2017 by selling the best players, Now with Falcao gone its only a matter of time. I dont think ben yedder is gonna save the team

  29. author

    Champions League19 jam yang lalu

    Messi wasn’t this good at 16

  30. author

    Brian Carreon19 jam yang lalu

    thats a nice psg jersey

  31. author

    CR 719 jam yang lalu

    Lmao icardi get your hands off me , that’s the difference between Ronaldo Messi and neymar. Buddy at Barca don’t even talk to griezman

  32. author

    The Gamer Legend19 jam yang lalu

    Messi is black jajaja

  33. author

    Ornelas Jorge20 jam yang lalu

    Esta es la ultima oprtunidad de demostrar y anotar goles en Europa. Vamos Chicha y Olé sevila

  34. author

    e s20 jam yang lalu

    Quit spamming the logo animation!

  35. author

    Tajae Shepherd20 jam yang lalu

    This man is a legend sitting amongst ppl 👌

  36. author

    Jose Lajuj20 jam yang lalu

    Ansunfati titular Suárez ala banca Valverde

  37. author

    scooby196I20 jam yang lalu

    Ribery 🤣

  38. author

    czerwonadupa20 jam yang lalu

    Has yet to be asked to explain why he sanctioned & thought Ozil was worth £350,000 a week when there were no offers from major clubs across Europe.for his services & £200,000 for Mkhitaryan who had hardly been a success at United.

  39. author

    Eric Cartman20 jam yang lalu

    #42 on trending

  40. author

    Hatchepsut21 jam yang lalu

    Me: why am i watching these random highlights? Neymar: that's why bitch.

  41. author

    Dave21 jam yang lalu

    Messi is back! The GOAT!

  42. author

    Surge Vinooo21 jam yang lalu

    Vine aquí más rápido que Fati tomando Dembeles Tiempo de juego

  43. author

    wizy21 jam yang lalu

    They gonna be back trust me

  44. author

    Ricky Riederer21 jam yang lalu

    Group of death for Barca if we can claim number one spot this might be very possible for Messi and Barca to get to the final

  45. author

    B Jvu21 jam yang lalu

    brazil have been extremely terrible since the mid 2000 and it will only get worse. after that 7 to 1 trashing they suffered at home to a real team, i dont even know why people watch brazil play because its like watching kick ball then un after it...

  46. author

    DeniX HD21 jam yang lalu

    Back to Arsenal

  47. author

    Dreamer K21 jam yang lalu

    Turkish football is getting better. Türk futbolu daha iyi hale geliyor.

  48. author

    Paulo Gomez21 jam yang lalu

    !!Heres grande Chicharito arriva. Si lo dejan jugar... El gran Chicharito va a ser campeon de goleo y va a anotar mâs de 20 goles, acuerdence de lo que les digo.

  49. author

    Victor Vaca21 jam yang lalu

    Yo lo miro muy decidido y con ganas. Ni leimporto lo economico ya lo quiero ver ante los 3 grandes de españa. Y festejar sus goles. Viva Mexico cabrones

  50. author

    Alexis Sanchez22 jam yang lalu

    No hay portero hoy todo tiro que va para la portería es gooool es muy lento courtois

  51. author

    NurtureLove8822 jam yang lalu

    A ver si no le hacen a Ansu Fati lo que le hicieron a Samuel Eto’o. Espero que funcione como motivación para los delanteros del Barçelona, ya que es saludable mantener un nivel alto de competencia dentro de la escuadra. Estoy muy contento con su presentación y esperemos a que siga mejorando el de 16 años. Cuídenlo mucho.

  52. author

    Pablo Jimenez22 jam yang lalu hora que los dinosaurios...messi...suarez y pique...dejen el Barcelona y vayan a jugar a un parque jurasico...!!

  53. author

    GAMEZSTAA23 jam yang lalu

    Ansu Fati a star in the making.

  54. author

    Shoto23 jam yang lalu

    El street fighter alpha 3 es mejor que el street fighter 3

  55. author

    Antonio AcuñaHari Yang lalu

    Do French locals still dislike this guy?

  56. author

    GERENTiYO MxHari Yang lalu

    Los latinos son los mejores. Hugo Sánchez 5 pichcichis y campeonatos. Keylor Navas 3 champions Legues hay no mas

  57. author

    Anak Kali SekarangHari Yang lalu

    Let Jose replace Emery and see how he'll resolve Arsenal's problem

  58. author

    Juancarlos GuerreroHari Yang lalu

    Que bato mas tonto no conose el rrespeto como tira la camisa bueno pero que se puede esperar si asta la cara tiene de marrano

  59. author

    BigTimeSpiderHari Yang lalu

    NEYMAR baby ! He's back

  60. author

    Andres GillHari Yang lalu

    El mexicano al final del video no puede evitar hablar de chicharito como para que la gente recuerde también un mexicano jugo en el Madrid jajajajaj

  61. author

    IrfaanHari Yang lalu

    classic jose mourinho XD

  62. author

    the princeHari Yang lalu

    I only like Paris cuse of Nymer

  63. author

    Abe DiazHari Yang lalu

    Damn neymar playing like I play in FIFA.

  64. author

    Edgar MartinezHari Yang lalu

    Come back to AT&T Bein sports 🙄

  65. author

    Kermit of RiviaHari Yang lalu

    Naymar is an overpaid bust.

  66. author

    ronaldo limaHari Yang lalu

    With all due respect to Zizou, fuck him and Perez for letting Navas go

  67. author

    Jonathan RamosHari Yang lalu

    La mejor elección que pudieron tener Keylor Navas

  68. author

    Jack GreenHari Yang lalu

    Wenger is a genius

  69. author

    Imtiaz SkHari Yang lalu

    I don't know about you guys but I have a weird feeling that in near future Jose will be Athletico Madrid's Coach

  70. author

    mybetterfilmsHari Yang lalu

    I have been a madridista all my life but I want to see Fiorentino gone. The way he treated Raul, Casillas, Ronaldo and now Navas. I want a UEFA final Juventus vs PSG so Ronaldo and Navas can screw Fiorentino

  71. author

    sergio villegasHari Yang lalu

    Que grande es Carvajal 👏👏

  72. author

    Alex RodriguezHari Yang lalu

    Play Herrera!!!!!!

  73. author

    Poc WatchHari Yang lalu

    Strasbourg so diverse

  74. author

    Arash TabeshHari Yang lalu

    I love how Neymar's goal shut all his haters.

  75. author

    Jo-Ryan SalazarHari Yang lalu

    118 PSG Ultras from the CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP disliked. Any more?

  76. author

    Dawn RoneyHari Yang lalu

    Not the biggest Neymar fan, but what an amazing goal. Navvasss PSG vs Madrid next week. 😭😭😭

  77. author

    Stephanie RodriquezHari Yang lalu

    Ugly pedoz

  78. author

    Fernando FuerteHari Yang lalu

    Real Madrid will regret Navas move

  79. author

    CityDrive 4KHari Yang lalu

    Neymar >>>> PSG

  80. author

    paiza zcHari Yang lalu

    Neymar welcome to madrid genius yu number 1 of world psg its shit psg like cavani lavessi drasler rabiot cupet no like star sem dinho neymar ibraimovic. Psg its shit

  81. author

    Fernando Rapper 504 talento catrachoHari Yang lalu

  82. author

    VIVA LATINOHari Yang lalu

    Eso de arrojar la camisa de una entidad deportiva, es falta de profesionalismo. Y falta de respeto a los aficionados de tal equipo.

  83. author

    Cpt. MclovinHari Yang lalu


  84. author

    charles nwankwoHari Yang lalu

    That whole Monaco back line is just nothing to write home about. What kind of lazy defending is that???

  85. author

    PrudentiusInvaderHari Yang lalu


  86. author

    XūEūNūTūOūXHari Yang lalu

    offsides, thats bs

  87. author

    XūEūNūTūOūXHari Yang lalu

    neymar op

  88. author

    Marie JHari Yang lalu

    What a great game! Just make sure you make time for God, like you make time for sports, or it may not go well for you on d-day.

  89. author

    Sevillista GuruHari Yang lalu


  90. author

    Thomas_MHari Yang lalu

    As a Real Madrid fan it hurts that we are playing keylor in the champions league 💔😭

  91. author

    Angel SoloHari Yang lalu

    Si lo Utilizan bien, Chicha Mete 20-30 (si no mas) en la temporada.

  92. author

    Rolando VelasquezHari Yang lalu

    Good thing falcao left .he deserves better than Monaco

  93. author

    matalayHari Yang lalu

    turkceyi koyun direk bu ne ingilizce allah, kulaklarim agridi

  94. author

    John & Mari JKHari Yang lalu

    Jose we need you at arsenal this season cause emery making stupid mistake

  95. author

    Alfredo LopezHari Yang lalu

    Golaaaasoooo neymar

  96. author

    Green BeanHari Yang lalu

    I think we are all glad we are not having a 40 year old buffoon being GK

  97. author

    Juan JoHari Yang lalu

    El fish!!

  98. author

    Rainy RainyHari Yang lalu

    United had Ferguson. Arsenal had wenger. Liverpool have klopp and for years n years to come

  99. author

    R-A-H_-Hari Yang lalu

    Verrati or however you spell his name need to whiten his teeth because them shits yellow on the thumbnail

  100. author

    Our_illuminationHari Yang lalu