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  1. author

    Tarek El-Maddah8 jam yang lalu

    Barcelona board should be thrown in the garbage ... with all their shitty hired coaches

  2. author

    Jeffrey Torres8 jam yang lalu

    Recruitment for this summer, Mbappé or Werner this summer! We need strikers, midfielders and defenders lol. Wijnaldum would be a great addition, and defensive wise perhaps a good CB like Marquinhos or Laporte. Hopefully the right players join Barça.

  3. author

    Anthony Òceanic9 jam yang lalu

    Remember when granada were on top of the table ?

  4. author

    Trollnaldo9 jam yang lalu


  5. author

    Wade 1010 jam yang lalu

    Stadium is always empty

  6. author

    antiagonista10 jam yang lalu

    Jordi Alba messed up on both goals.

  7. author

    Mr Beast11 jam yang lalu

    Messi out

  8. author

    Mr Beast11 jam yang lalu

    Luis Enrique back in

  9. author

    bitegoatie11 jam yang lalu

    We are not happy with match scripting. Barcelona and other teams (and more than some teams) are unrecognizable when the league or UEFA asks them to lose. Take your blinders off. FIFA is advocating match fixing and match scripting in concert with leagues and owners. This has been a long time coming, with FIFA and the British FA leading the way - after the Juve scandal and the loss of Ronaldo, the FA went into full marketing mode. In recent years ALL the major leagues have switched to professional-wrestling-style scripting - score at certain times, not others, prioritize "drama" with late fireworks, etc. The result is unenthused players, fans not understanding why their teams can be unrecognizable between and with games, and why players do not care about scoring or winning when one formerly could rely on such things. Stop killing the game with this cynical attack on sport. You can fool people for a while, but this will end badly if it continues. Stop it now before you completely kill the worldwide love of football. All the silly fan and player blaming in this clip completely misses the real problem.

  10. author

    chinojarjos11 jam yang lalu

    Barca needs to play as a team and take risk otherwise they are going to keep failing this system doesn't work if the team isn't willing to take risk and be brave!

  11. author

    Frantz Sylvain12 jam yang lalu

    They played a better game than Barca. Can they get some credits for their efforts?

  12. author

    TheWitness100112 jam yang lalu

    They failed to post also the moment when Shakira boy almost scored an own goal.

  13. author

    prem ghimiray12 jam yang lalu

    Bring C Ronaldo

  14. author

    TheWitness100112 jam yang lalu

    How the FUCK do you remove a penalty from highlights and still show a corner kick that brought nothing!!!!? Truly Bein Sports is run by school boys.

  15. author

    Gerson Melendez12 jam yang lalu

    Now it's the president's fault? 🤣 you barca fans are ridiculous. Next week let me guess it's the pitches fault?

  16. author

    Nate TheGreat12 jam yang lalu

    Why would I want to play on a team where only Messi can shoot lmaooo

  17. author

    ptownfernando12 jam yang lalu

    3:19 3:33 I fucking hate Ray

  18. author

    Joshua Makshofi12 jam yang lalu

    Ter Stegen !

  19. author

    K13 jam yang lalu

    Jeter Slimani est une erreur

  20. author

    Adil Zerg13 jam yang lalu

    C'est une grosse erreur d'avoir limogé l'entraîneur portugais et le remplacer par cet espagnol qui n'a aucune expérience du haut niveau. Et surtout l'erreur c'est d'avoir changé le système 4 4 2 qui fonctionnait bien avec le duo Slimani Ben yeder et d'aller vers 4 3 3 inefficace !!!

  21. author

    Lon3wolf13 jam yang lalu

    lol barcelona is gonna be so trash once messi retires.

  22. author

    Lon3wolf13 jam yang lalu

    VaLvErDe OuT

  23. author

    mr spacley13 jam yang lalu

    Valverde out!! Oh wait..

  24. author

    Humble Jegede13 jam yang lalu

    What’s wrong with Messi’s free kick? Is it because is getting old 😂😭

  25. author

    Bugra Gokcek14 jam yang lalu

    Kruse gol atınca taraftar sanki deivid chelsea’ye gol atmiş gibi seviniyor. Ahh eski gunleri görelim 💛💙

  26. author

    Bradley Ruest14 jam yang lalu

    Wait, so you’re not allowed to touch the ball with your hands? Huh, weird sport.

  27. author

    Ardani209 Fearless20914 jam yang lalu

    What happened to barcas completing more than 800 passes? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  28. author

    Solomon Yokamo14 jam yang lalu

    Messi...useless player. Viva Cr-7

  29. author

    elbasu libra14 jam yang lalu


  30. author

    Lukman Arogundade15 jam yang lalu


  31. author

    Palm Trees and Rum15 jam yang lalu

    I want Maxi Gomez at Juventus to replace Higuain.

  32. author

    David Alan15 jam yang lalu

    Listen to those trash "ultras" racially abusing Inaki Williams. Enjoy the relegation trash

  33. author

    Nikolay Grishchenko15 jam yang lalu

    Come back ..come back valverde...I'll never let go

  34. author

    OMAR VALDEZ15 jam yang lalu

    I believe the new coach is cycling the players to see who can perform.

  35. author

    holymsophy15 jam yang lalu

    Valverde also played possession football. Barça almost always had 60% or not possession. The problem is they lack goal scoring intent. Suárez used to press the defense. But now no one knows where Griezmann is. We know where he's not

  36. author

    Arthur Francis15 jam yang lalu

    And y'all say we don't need nyemar? Barcelona should be thinking now why they let malcolm and coutinho leave

  37. author

    Evander Ramirez16 jam yang lalu

    And la Liga goes to..

  38. author

    No Name16 jam yang lalu

    Id be happy if they could actually finish their chances. They need a striker and wingers

  39. author

    Sedric Alexis16 jam yang lalu

    Seville oyeee

  40. author

    transfomersrocks17 jam yang lalu

    That was pathetic

  41. author

    stephandaniel b17 jam yang lalu

    fatty is way to young to start each games

  42. author

    T. B.17 jam yang lalu

    Messi should play in China now

  43. author

    Jose Aldana17 jam yang lalu

    Min. 1:21 este man messi es nivel Dios

  44. author

    RMCF17 jam yang lalu

    if you know your team has a shit defense why would you play with only 3 on the back...i bet they miss valverde already...last match they almost lost too

  45. author

    Not so English17 jam yang lalu

    who cuts the highlights? why does the commentary always trail off at the end and why is there rarely any replay?????

  46. author

    Kasra Kh17 jam yang lalu

    New coach, same problems.

  47. author

    Bo Goss17 jam yang lalu

    Seems like Messi did 90% of the shootings. Barca relies too much on Messi.

  48. author

    Abduل L18 jam yang lalu

    Barca will miss Valverde

  49. author

    pboy iyinbor18 jam yang lalu

    There is a mental block in away games affecting Barcelona that's all valverde doing. It will take time to change that.

  50. author

    EREN KARAKASLI18 jam yang lalu

    Next two matches for fenerbahçe are very crucial. Trabzonspor away and Alanyaspor at home three points is a must for both games if we want to keep the title push going. It's going to be a though few weeks but I hope we can get the Job done. Şampiyon fener 💪🏻💛💙

  51. author

    Lionel Ngugi njiru18 jam yang lalu

    Set pieces favored them.

  52. author

    Will !18 jam yang lalu

    Valverde Out! Oh wait...

  53. author

    Ragnar river18 jam yang lalu

    She's hot id marry her

  54. author

    EREN KARAKASLI18 jam yang lalu

    Wow if it wasn't for Mert Günok fenerbahçe could've scored 4-6 goals

  55. author

    pboy iyinbor18 jam yang lalu

    This is valverde away result this season losing to teams even less impressive then Valencia. That English Moron should stop commenting on Spanish league.

  56. author

    EREN KARAKASLI18 jam yang lalu

    fenerbahçe are the most exciting team in the League right now. Players like Vedat Muriç, Max Kruse, Rodrigues and Luiz Gustavo are really starting to show their real selves. They only need a bit more depth and maybe sign another striker who can compete with Vedat for the starting place

  57. author

    Kòb TC18 jam yang lalu

    This is what happened, when you fire the best coach in the world 😂😂😂

  58. author

    FifaMessi01018 jam yang lalu

    This teams needs a refresh. Sell Jordi Alba, Piqué, Rakatic because they’re work ethic is too lazy we need players who will kill for any ball and to get possession back

  59. author

    Bob Pancake18 jam yang lalu

    Are they gonna blame trump now?

  60. author

    Show Time18 jam yang lalu

    Me gusta ver al barza y el madrid perder

  61. author

    Show Time18 jam yang lalu

    I like seing barza & madrid lose

  62. author

    arsonwars18 jam yang lalu

    It's ok Messi! These are trying times for us all ...

  63. author

    Mathew Frangoul18 jam yang lalu

    Don't ever compare uefalona to liverpool ya knobheads you will never reach our level ☺

  64. author

    Jose manuel Iglesias fernandez18 jam yang lalu

    Setien kon.esta.banda.dos partidos.y.adiós.keasko.contra.el.valencia.otra mierda

  65. author

    Papafio Ishmael18 jam yang lalu

    More like Messi highlights 😂😂😂😂😂

  66. author

    SoloMan Show Влог США Vlog USA18 jam yang lalu

    Ulaaan need macti be

  67. author

    Koffi Kouadio18 jam yang lalu

    That looks like Grandpa moves 👴🏽 😂

  68. author

    JAYJAY PlayZ18 jam yang lalu

    Quique Setién OUT

  69. author

    Edwin Vs Gio18 jam yang lalu

    This is why CR7 is a goat.- Messi will never survive playing with a different club. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  70. author

    Jose Hernandez18 jam yang lalu

    Look how umtiti played like was there ever a 4 in the back .... we’re linglet

  71. author

    Alex Rocio19 jam yang lalu

    So u guys gonna blame it on the coach? Or u guys need new players? Valverde wasent the problem

  72. author

    Sir Switch Crookington19 jam yang lalu

    This is an official highlights channel with 240p quality uploads. Yikes

  73. author

    Lawlzinator19 jam yang lalu

    Always a good day when farca lose

  74. author

    OMAR VALDEZ19 jam yang lalu

    Where is the 1080p.

  75. author

    itsSkippy64119 jam yang lalu

    Imagine if Ronaldo was still at Madrid...

  76. author

    Sir Switch Crookington19 jam yang lalu

    0:00 I didn't know Poe Dameron was a Spanish referee.

  77. author

    Hector Torres19 jam yang lalu

    Gotta give setien more time before we can start pointing fingers

  78. author

    Chadwick19 jam yang lalu

    Lionel “Overrated” Messi Takes the majority of all the shots and nothing. What a joke.

  79. author

    M. Al Omari19 jam yang lalu

    The best player in Barcelona is ter segan but there is only so much he can do.

  80. author

    aBram Bam19 jam yang lalu

    Barcelona have lost their determination & motivation! They lack heart, there getting to confortable.

  81. author

    Hall Of The Vardy19 jam yang lalu

    Lol stupid Barca fans. Who you wanna blame now? Ahahah

  82. author

    AashhOfficial19 jam yang lalu

    Messi out of form

  83. author

    Scorpio Stinger19 jam yang lalu

    Yall need to face it, Messi and Barcelona is finished.

  84. author

    MM0219 jam yang lalu

    We lose one game with Quique and people already asking “who’s fault is it now?”... relax it’s one game

  85. author

    Brindley Weerasekara19 jam yang lalu

    So now we know It is the Players not the Manager !!!

  86. author

    Merveil Meok19 jam yang lalu

    What are the PROVEN big names in world football that are available to be hired in the next 6 months? Barcelona could pay $120-150 million for a big name if they need to.

  87. author

    L J19 jam yang lalu

    4:15 appreciate that amazing off-ball movement

  88. author

    SND19 jam yang lalu

    Hahahahahah it wasn't valverde's fault afterall i was right it is messhit

  89. author

    Maxamed Cabdullaahi19 jam yang lalu

    Common are still leading the leage..messi top scorer we just need Suarez replacement I am very satisfied the way everything is going

  90. author

    Otokonoko Sama19 jam yang lalu

    Stupid Barcelona president firing the coach for losing against Atletico Madrid very stupid unjustified decision. This mistake will cost Barcelona la Liga and the European championship.

  91. author

    OSSS Boys19 jam yang lalu

    Umtiti doesnt even try anymore. Lol. U cant put Sergio in a 3 defense

  92. author

    Milton 719 jam yang lalu

    Porlo menos con valverde empatavan ahora no es que messi se esta poniendo vlejo

  93. author

    Akmal Kholov19 jam yang lalu

    Barca in the end

  94. author

    MrSickside32319 jam yang lalu

    Ray Hudson is way to biased towards Messi.

  95. author

    Jeet Sonwani19 jam yang lalu

    Valverde has really fucked this team up with his stupid tactics.

  96. author

    Tino Perez19 jam yang lalu

    At this rate cr7 is doing much better than Messi . Maybe cr7 can get one last ballon d oro . But he need to keep his form the whole year

  97. author

    chuy19 jam yang lalu

    We all know Sports and other Companies only show what they want... But sad Barca struggling with Weak/Descent Opponents.... Will see if they do okay in the Champions... Other than that, if they keep playing like that even RM could Win La Liga and they aren't even at their Best. Would love to see A.M. or other team Win it too.

  98. author

    Somethingfunny19 jam yang lalu

    We got what we asked for and we get this

  99. author

    Wake up Mr. west19 jam yang lalu

    Damn Barca sucks dog shit 😂😂😂

  100. author

    Francis Laurin19 jam yang lalu

    I was suprised when I first saw the score... then I noticed that Barça wasn't playing in Camp Nou...