beyonce   naughty girlbeyonce   naughty girl

beyonce naughty girl

8 tahun yang lalu

B o B   Dont Let Me FallB o B   Dont Let Me Fall

B o B Dont Let Me Fall

8 tahun yang lalu

avril lavigne   complicatedavril lavigne   complicated

avril lavigne complicated

8 tahun yang lalu

avril lavigne   sk8er boiavril lavigne   sk8er boi

avril lavigne sk8er boi

8 tahun yang lalu

Atreyu   Ex's And Oh's rcAtreyu   Ex's And Oh's rc

Atreyu Ex's And Oh's rc

8 tahun yang lalu

Arch Enemy   Enemy WithinArch Enemy   Enemy Within

Arch Enemy Enemy Within

8 tahun yang lalu

Arch Enemy   Diva SatanicaArch Enemy   Diva Satanica

Arch Enemy Diva Satanica

8 tahun yang lalu



9 tahun yang lalu

mark dennys video hellomark dennys video hello

mark dennys video hello

10 tahun yang lalu



10 tahun yang lalu

Sarah Connor Sexual HealingSarah Connor Sexual Healing

Sarah Connor Sexual Healing

10 tahun yang lalu

Sarah Connor French KissingSarah Connor French Kissing

Sarah Connor French Kissing

10 tahun yang lalu

Sarah Connor BounceSarah Connor Bounce

Sarah Connor Bounce

10 tahun yang lalu

T-Pain - Can't Believe ItT-Pain - Can't Believe It

T-Pain - Can't Believe It

10 tahun yang lalu

Avril Lavigne - innocenceAvril Lavigne - innocence

Avril Lavigne - innocence

10 tahun yang lalu

T-Pain - I'm a FlirtT-Pain - I'm a Flirt

T-Pain - I'm a Flirt

10 tahun yang lalu

T-Pain - One More DrinkT-Pain - One More Drink

T-Pain - One More Drink

10 tahun yang lalu

T-Pain - ChurchT-Pain - Church

T-Pain - Church

10 tahun yang lalu

T-Pain - Outta My SystemT-Pain - Outta My System

T-Pain - Outta My System

10 tahun yang lalu

T-Pain - Chopped N SkrewedT-Pain - Chopped N Skrewed

T-Pain - Chopped N Skrewed

10 tahun yang lalu

T-Pain - Buy U A DrankT-Pain - Buy U A Drank

T-Pain - Buy U A Drank

10 tahun yang lalu

Rick James - SuperfreakRick James - Superfreak

Rick James - Superfreak

10 tahun yang lalu



10 tahun yang lalu

Beyonce IrreplaceableBeyonce Irreplaceable

Beyonce Irreplaceable

10 tahun yang lalu

Beyonce DivaBeyonce Diva

Beyonce Diva

10 tahun yang lalu

Counting Crows Mr JonesCounting Crows Mr Jones

Counting Crows Mr Jones

10 tahun yang lalu

T-Pain - Send Me an EmailT-Pain - Send Me an Email

T-Pain - Send Me an Email

10 tahun yang lalu

T-Pain - BartenderT-Pain - Bartender

T-Pain - Bartender

10 tahun yang lalu

T-Pain - KaraokeT-Pain - Karaoke

T-Pain - Karaoke

10 tahun yang lalu

T-Pain - Who the F Is ThatT-Pain - Who the F Is That

T-Pain - Who the F Is That

10 tahun yang lalu

T-Pain - ShawtyT-Pain - Shawty

T-Pain - Shawty

10 tahun yang lalu

T-Pain - I'm So HoodT-Pain - I'm So Hood

T-Pain - I'm So Hood

10 tahun yang lalu

T-Pain - Kiss KissT-Pain - Kiss Kiss

T-Pain - Kiss Kiss

10 tahun yang lalu

T-Pain - Baby BashT-Pain - Baby Bash

T-Pain - Baby Bash

10 tahun yang lalu

Geo Chasing a stick part 2Geo Chasing a stick part 2

Geo Chasing a stick part 2

10 tahun yang lalu

Geo Chasing A Stick Part 1Geo Chasing A Stick Part 1

Geo Chasing A Stick Part 1

10 tahun yang lalu



10 tahun yang lalu

  1. author

    Sherri Duffy-King9 hari yang lalu

    Bounce baby.

  2. author

    autumn ziaBulan Yang lalu

    Who else remembers being 9 years old cleaning and dancing to this song? I know its not just me lol

  3. author

    Keith Collins2 bulan yang lalu

    I’m a black American and I like this song... kind of

  4. author

    Maja Mitreska3 bulan yang lalu


  5. author

    baby Maharaja3 bulan yang lalu

    this song is my guilty pleasure in life, nobody can know how much i secretly love it (would ruin my reputation)

  6. author

    Sam4 bulan yang lalu


  7. author

    Al-zein Kusmantoro4 bulan yang lalu

    A rather sexy artist from 🇩🇪

  8. author

    sab art4 bulan yang lalu

    family affair rhythm .

  9. author

    Kobe Peter5 bulan yang lalu

    Fight Dante Ray Churches Chicken Those people at churches chicken deserve funerals for the real drama they start in real life we herd Churches Chicken will fire terry gordon corporate said Restraining order Dante ray terry gordon corporate

  10. author

    Tron TIGS5 bulan yang lalu

    They played this at the strip club I went to with friends, so glad they did because this is a banger

  11. author

    MsGlitterBombz5 bulan yang lalu

    Let's get it crunk, we gon' have fun Up on up in this dancerie We got ya open, now ya floatin' So you gots to dance for me Don't need no hateration, holleration In this dancerie Let's get it percolatin', while you're waiting So just dance for me OH WAIT WRONG SONG LOLOLOLOLOL

  12. author

    Daniel Mascio8 bulan yang lalu

    Pager and 2-way.... wow that really dates this song!

  13. author

    M JC10 bulan yang lalu

    Findley David does dope David took Findley life David Findley stalks David David smells Joseph Lawmen David

  14. author

    anonymous10 bulan yang lalu

    February 2019?

  15. author

    Matdon Kedah10 bulan yang lalu

    Got boner when i still young.love the thong.haha

  16. author

    M JC10 bulan yang lalu

    Ron Jaquah think there promised there jobs Jaquah stalks u Edward ets ppl

  17. author

    Jesse Williams11 bulan yang lalu

    Anyone else reminded of Thailand with this song? (Navy guy here!)

  18. author

    itchydiscomanTahun Yang lalu

    Obvious britney ripp off

  19. author

    Eric CraigTahun Yang lalu

    Too stoned to play live

  20. author

    Bree OconelTahun Yang lalu

    2018 anyone?

  21. author

    Dela cruz ReneTahun Yang lalu

    Yes i found it

  22. author

    louise hngTahun Yang lalu


  23. author

    Maryland guy TVTahun Yang lalu

    dogs 4life

  24. author

    Bella minaTahun Yang lalu


  25. author

    Michael MirrorcleTahun Yang lalu

    I was thinking about this song for some reason.

  26. author

    Dominic CorleyTahun Yang lalu

    my version of sarah connor the album now available for one dollar in America plus in the Uk and Ireland for 59 p. Egypt and Middle East .50 bar. and Asia one yen. The rest of europe one p euro. South America one dollar and Everywhere else implied one us dollar.

  27. author

    Mike LarsonTahun Yang lalu

    "I called your pager..." This song IS old.

  28. author

    lori starrTahun Yang lalu

    What happened to the original video where she was trash in the guys car

  29. author

    Mark UyedaTahun Yang lalu


  30. author

    Blind BookwormTahun Yang lalu

    Isn't this on Now 8? Shoutouts to anyone who remembers that!!! :-)

  31. author

    D VsmithTahun Yang lalu

    Angelo ruggiero fight halfway ppl Angelo ruggiero Florida Florida Florida Kill Angelo ruggiero

  32. author

    James BlackTahun Yang lalu

    in fact this is somehow from Dr. Dre as well. Because he did it for Mary J

  33. author

    Alex GalTahun Yang lalu

    its Not the real Avril Lavigne in that year.. because of hair, voice, shape of face, her nose are different to the real Avril. and the lyrics in knockin on heavens door when she sings the lyrics she added the word "cause" in "i can't use it anymore" and "i cant shoot them anymore".. but the fake says "cause i cant use it anymore" and "cause i cant shoot them anymore." the real Avril was never use cause in that lyrics..

  34. author

    Skylar SmithTahun Yang lalu

    Omg haven't heard this in over a decade 😂😂

  35. author

    Samantha HartTahun Yang lalu


  36. author

    Tyler DurdenTahun Yang lalu

    anyone have the mp3 of the full song from the CD

  37. author

    Josephine LebronTahun Yang lalu

    This song just popped in my head and I had to google the lyrics til I found it 🤣 straight fire 🔥

  38. author

    Ronald Joseph2 tahun yang lalu

    Do you have the rest of that episode??

  39. author

    britneysprsfan1forever2 tahun yang lalu

    This song was when Britney Spears was huuuuge and during her popularity including Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera.... I remember being in HS when this came out and I really liked her but I already knew there was a lot of competition with Britney, Christina, Jessica, Mandy Moore, Willa Ford ect....

  40. author

    Karen Mysti2 tahun yang lalu

    i found this cd single today in my Goodwill store. So happy!!

  41. author

    Joke Millerpuke Mahonejakewormsfeces2 tahun yang lalu

    Fight jake harris miller shit insest past away not god ugly not the same brek hm dwn

  42. author

    King Kami2 tahun yang lalu

    Somebody wants to join the Britney Spears club.

  43. author

    J Hell2 tahun yang lalu

    fight Jake miller in jail reterded restrining order lost lies obsessed with shit stalks austin mahone stinks corncin poop lice not god diper dewsh out 176.3 died

  44. author

    Mr. Chip2 tahun yang lalu

    Good god this is like a parody gone wrong of Britney

  45. author

    stephthestar902 tahun yang lalu

    This reminds me of Oops I Did It Again era Britney a bit.

  46. author

    Sarah Ashford2 tahun yang lalu


  47. author

    TONY SLICK2 tahun yang lalu

    That's tec n9ne

  48. author

    Giffond Hall2 tahun yang lalu

    brook hogan?

  49. author

    Amanie tingle2 tahun yang lalu

    this is fantastic.

  50. author

    Likedbymany2 tahun yang lalu

    Bounce ho. Mis-Teeq radio on Pandora brought me here.

  51. author

    Sarah Ashford2 tahun yang lalu

    Sarah you're hot

  52. author

    2Corey Faele2 tahun yang lalu

    fuck lady gaga we got batter music tham fucks

  53. author

    Sean Marlisa2 tahun yang lalu


  54. author

    Belletaina2 tahun yang lalu

    she resembles brooke hogan a little bit

  55. author

    William Petty2 tahun yang lalu

    wow i am listen to a song that came came out the year i was born for the first time and i am 17 now

  56. author

    Jennifer Davis2 tahun yang lalu

    love this song

  57. author

    Garrett Frazho2 tahun yang lalu

    my mom used to bump this in the car when i was a little kid and she was going through her divorce lol. good memories.

  58. author

    Sarina Lee3 tahun yang lalu

    Wow i remember this song i used to play it all the time when i used to have the album it's a great song ...

  59. author

    Alex3 tahun yang lalu

    OMG yasssss!! this song takes me back! ❤❤ isn't she from Germany??

  60. author

    Ink Pen3 tahun yang lalu

    Who is she? and where did she come from? This was her only single, and it played on the radio 10 x's a time, then she fell off the face of the earth...

  61. author

    king phun3 tahun yang lalu


  62. author

    MADPunkyHeartLESS3 tahun yang lalu

    Dude, this was my jam back in the day, but this video was awkward. xD"

  63. author

    dmr333 tahun yang lalu

    All that setup just to lipsync. Sigh

  64. author

    missnyckitty3 tahun yang lalu


  65. author

    Shayna Reid3 tahun yang lalu

    now 15

  66. author

    discovery7813 tahun yang lalu

    Britney Spears ripp off

  67. author

    mingo ma4 tahun yang lalu


  68. author

    Candi Jenner4 tahun yang lalu

    This is takin it BACK! I just watched Transformers (Genysis) and thought about this amazing singer! I used to bump to her album back in 2003 and hearing it now in 2015; I can def see why I was OBSESSED with her music! She is SO talented. WE NEED YOU BACK IN THE GAME SARAH CONNOR!!

  69. author

    Belletaina4 tahun yang lalu

    this the best song she ever did

  70. author

    TooFries4 tahun yang lalu


  71. author

    kittymeow meow4 tahun yang lalu

    who else while watching this thought she's bringing sexy back

  72. author

    Eglinton West4 tahun yang lalu

    impala ss

  73. author

    rahb wyt4 tahun yang lalu

    98-99?.....this shit came out same time as nelly.....shit....in the como....u only heard..either ..."goin down down baby"...or..."lets get high lets get drunk! "

  74. author

    CityLadyLA4 tahun yang lalu

    Rick had quite a tight body back in the day. His music was played at all the best UCLA parties. During his trial in LA, I got called for jury duty that week and was ready to tell the judge I had to be disqualified because I was a devoted fan. Then I was going to look at Rick and yell: I Love you super Freak!

  75. author

    Pink Summer4 tahun yang lalu

    OHHHHHHHH...This song remind me of being so bad....Partying all night...Just being wild and loose...

  76. author

    jurek kania4 tahun yang lalu

    super sexy

  77. author

    Mata-Hari Lindemann4 tahun yang lalu

    Actually I was in high school when this song came out. "Family Affair" was the one that came out when I was in junior high 😊

  78. author

    Mata-Hari Lindemann4 tahun yang lalu

    Throwback Tuesday! I remember this song back when I was in junior high. I never knew she was from Germany. The girl can sing!!

  79. author

    Danika Soto4 tahun yang lalu


  80. author

    Markith Harris4 tahun yang lalu

    Wow 11 years old off my now 15 /why I love youtube

  81. author

    Bob Weiner5 tahun yang lalu

    #949 on my all time countdown

  82. author

    holly pietrzak5 tahun yang lalu

    she looks like Britney spears in this video

  83. author

    Mark Minez5 tahun yang lalu

    wow this was such a hot song it was everywhere in end of 04 !! she could sing live !

  84. author

    Tony Moreno5 tahun yang lalu

    Love to bounce on this sexy mama. Bet she's awesome in bed, oh yea!

  85. author

    Moira Stepham5 tahun yang lalu

    the fashion those days.. i can remember how it was so ''hot'' to see the thong straps showing haha.. gosh xD

  86. author

    ihavecrabs565 tahun yang lalu

    aw use 2 love this song. i was still young when this song was popular. i wish i cudda been a bit older to experience the early 2000s in all their glory. :/

  87. author

    Gilberto Cunha5 tahun yang lalu

    Some people might say I'm infatuated But I don't care 'Cause they really don't know They'll never see of hear The things I do with you So far as I'm concerned They all can go to hell

  88. author

    skidadondada5 tahun yang lalu

    this song was made music wise to remind you of MJB. the words and melody i wrote in a more hiphop RNB style cause sarah at that point had never really done that, i no your gonna say her first song with TQ but that was not the same. as far as me rapping like nelly im a NY cat this was made in germany you give the record company what they ask for and collect your paper.

  89. author

    Pop Rap Hip Hop Lover 20145 tahun yang lalu

    The radio was better back then than it is now pretty much. I used to listen to it all the time when good music came on alot.

  90. author

    Fio_Dark35 tahun yang lalu

    Viele vergleichen das mit Britney...klar kann britney wesentlich besser tanzen aber ich find sarah connor viel viel hübscher

  91. author

    itsjemmabond6 tahun yang lalu

    I'm surprised Mary J Blige didn't sue...

  92. author

    InfernalNightlord6 tahun yang lalu

    This music was just made to make men horny!

  93. author

    Minecraftefsaneleri6 tahun yang lalu


  94. author

    Czlowiekkanonu6 tahun yang lalu

    true is Familly Affair......dlatego ta piosenka nie zrobiła szałuuuu

  95. author

    Angi13076 tahun yang lalu

    Haha was für ne Beleidigung also Britney Spears ist aber noch lange nicht so hübsch und gut xD Sarah is the best ♥

  96. author

    L0un9ePunk6 tahun yang lalu

    it sounds EXACTLY like the studio recording. The sound is too clean for live. Listen to an ACTUAL LIVE version from Essen Germany ROCKPALAST

  97. author

    Qarışıq6 tahun yang lalu

    nice song............

  98. author

    CosmicUndeadElf6 tahun yang lalu

    It's weird that the Terminator hasn't come after her by now.

  99. author

    Ken Adams6 tahun yang lalu

    can't belive it was 10 years ago...

  100. author

    Giffond Hall6 tahun yang lalu

    i was just thinking the same thing lol