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  1. author

    Emily Borrega2 menit yang lalu

    Omg thank you this is so helpful 🤩

  2. author

    Noulas Noodles5 menit yang lalu

    Who else is a frickin 10 year old with their nose piercing 😂😂

  3. author

    Andrina Deno5 menit yang lalu

    I love the dude that looks like childish Gambino. He’s very funny and attractive

  4. author

    C J12 menit yang lalu

    Make Ian blindfolded

  5. author

    MJ Okz15 menit yang lalu

    No one: Not a single soul: Ian: Italian Italian Italian

  6. author

    C J17 menit yang lalu

    Ian is fine I’m lowkey happy he didn’t get chosen

  7. author

    C J18 menit yang lalu

    The friend was way prettier than the girl blindfolded

  8. author

    Luke Striker20 menit yang lalu

    Ya, like Isabella actually gets ghosted. There’s no way.

  9. author

    EL PANTOJA23 menit yang lalu

    14:01 ya he’s totally cute......... like no offense but like 🤢

  10. author

    jay 35131 menit yang lalu

    she did her bestie so wrong...fake ass friend

  11. author

    Fabio33 menit yang lalu

    The fact they know Blackpink makes me like them more.

  12. author

    Josh Jokela35 menit yang lalu

    Are thos the anoyying girls on tik toc

  13. author

    lea schgrl35 menit yang lalu

    That moment when you miss Cameron Boyce so much that you relate EVERYTHING to him. Sry for your loss mitchell

  14. author

    Luna Nunes38 menit yang lalu


  15. author

    Conallodhran Foley39 menit yang lalu

    I love there tik tok

  16. author

    Anonymous User40 menit yang lalu

    she barely knows any of the lyrics lmaooo

  17. author

    jay 35140 menit yang lalu

    those edges on that bestie....lmfaooo

  18. author

    Karla Chavez41 menit yang lalu

    I love her snowflakes jewelry

  19. author

    Karla Chavez49 menit yang lalu

    I love let it snow the Christmas movie

  20. author

    Jenna D53 menit yang lalu

    I GOT ALL THEIR INSTAGRAMS: Great: @great.okonkwo Nick: @nickmoleta Josh: @joshwitzling Ian: @Ian.o.boyle Ollie: @freeollieoxen Shakir: @parristheboy you're welcome

  21. author

    olivia xiong56 menit yang lalu

    It’s those girls from tiktok

  22. author

    Sati Nwanda58 menit yang lalu

    Can we appreciate Jackson's voice for a moment?

  23. author

    Celine SnacheJam Yang lalu

    Why does her personality feel familiar 😂 I feel like I would know her but I don’t lol

  24. author

    Anya NitczynskiJam Yang lalu

    They are so cute together! Edit: nevermind

  25. author

    Ugo VerguinJam Yang lalu

    Josh must've felt good in the back, hearing Ariana saying "you're dead to me" after her bestie eliminated Ian ....

  26. author

    Ugo VerguinJam Yang lalu

    RJ get new glasses ! What in the Steve Urkel is goin on ?

  27. author

    lil'b yeJam Yang lalu

    Is no one gonna address the fact that the white guys were all booted?

  28. author

    lil'b yeJam Yang lalu

    I liked Saleem :( these basic girls smh

  29. author

    sarahzine1Jam Yang lalu

    Shakir looks like amine no cap

  30. author

    BIANCAJam Yang lalu

    2:15 I cringed so hard

  31. author

    anka ninovicJam Yang lalu

    Can't belive she's 2 years younger than me 😮

  32. author

    Iraida VazquezJam Yang lalu

    Sam and colby should date (♥_♥)

  33. author

    Antonio RichardsonJam Yang lalu

    She over here 17 getting ready to choose a man and I'm 18 and still can't do that yet.

  34. author

    echoJam Yang lalu

    sugar we’re going down with a bullet.........

  35. author

    triskalion ,Jam Yang lalu

    I demand an episode with Brendon Urie.

  36. author

    Zach LJam Yang lalu

    This was by far the best group ever on this show haha

  37. author

    leah rammelt2 jam yang lalu

    So surprised to see her throwing shade at MC! The spice girls weren't lyrical geniuses and all ways be my baby is a hit. Mariah is the most successful solo artist and has more billboard number ones than any female...Mel c...You got to do better

  38. author

    Sarah Bussanmas2 jam yang lalu

    She's nodding so the people towards the end know just what to say lol

  39. author

    IAmKomet2 jam yang lalu

    Yo Eddie have you ever heard of a staff infection

  40. author

    toughsoftieyogi2 jam yang lalu

    Jackson looking like a chaebol!! 😍 Well, he actually is, right? I'm sorry, I don't know. I'm not a Got7 stan. I'm just here for Jackson, Mark and Bambam. ^^

  41. author

    Eliana H2 jam yang lalu

    Is she an Olsen sister as well? 😂

  42. author

    hialyssah2 jam yang lalu

    oh dear god bambam hahahaha

  43. author

    Sarah Bussanmas2 jam yang lalu

    Wait so ani stood up a contestant on the other show but got more? Am I backwards?

  44. author

    lifeisgolden2 jam yang lalu

    I think they are so cute together 🥰

  45. author

    JUAN ROA2 jam yang lalu

    They didnt put Madonna and she is her favourite artist lol

  46. author

    Foxy & springtrap2 jam yang lalu

    Jenna's mind: WHY WHY CANT IT BE DANIEL!!!

  47. author

    Hugo Sue2 jam yang lalu

    Why does Daniel look so much like MNM

  48. author

    Joy Raouf2 jam yang lalu

    29:30 till 29:38 i went ooooooohhhhhhh

  49. author

    The Unicorn Girl2 jam yang lalu

    Emmett was rudel👎🏻👺

  50. author

    Just Grace2 jam yang lalu

    Omg look at his face at 29:30😂

  51. author

    soraya Sassya2 jam yang lalu

    Im a cancer too!♋♋♋♋

  52. author

    kansasgoldilocks2 jam yang lalu

    IDreporter subtitles: "singing in foreign language." Good thing I understand Spanish. lol

  53. author

    Maria Pompova2 jam yang lalu

    They r from tik tok The fake ones!

  54. author

    Elle Gmye2 jam yang lalu

    People who think it's a bad thing to be on good terms with your ex are most likely jealous, insecure, and immature.

  55. author

    Coteee2 jam yang lalu

    Why didnt they look at colby when they left!! At least look at him lmao

  56. author

    Lol Ricki2 jam yang lalu

    I saw so much potential and it was not him lol

  57. author

    pinkana_ 252 jam yang lalu

    "I WoN!!!!!!!!!!!!" He says as he throws his hands in the air. Me: I--

  58. author

    Cozyban Kim2 jam yang lalu

    Ian was the move bye

  59. author

    harrypotterchampion3 jam yang lalu

    This boy and he’s got his del taco

  60. author

    Ten Ktoś3 jam yang lalu

    Someone knows if there will be a new season?

  61. author

    Saretta_ James3 jam yang lalu

    Most of these girls are super cringe..

  62. author

    CreativeCrafting1013 jam yang lalu

    Why is nobody talking about how Kadar lowkey looks like DaBaby👀

  63. author

    Random Person3 jam yang lalu

    Why do they all have to be so cocky after they get voted off. "HeS mIssInG oUt On ThIs.", "iM a GoOd GiRl hEs MiSsIng OuT.", like okay. But some werent cocky.

  64. author

    Gd Supreme3 jam yang lalu

    Were they trolling when basically every single age was different then in the screen?

  65. author

    KXGE BEERUS3 jam yang lalu

    If Tom Holland was black

  66. author

    Ryan Reigns3 jam yang lalu

    She has such a nice voice. She needs to do a Britney cover album lol. That was spot on.

  67. author

    Sophie Sherwin3 jam yang lalu

    Sofia: do not tell them I have 8

  68. author

    TheOneAndOnlyDrowlf813 jam yang lalu

    I feel like the bestie's should ask questions that are actually relevant.

  69. author

    Katrinka Tagamolila3 jam yang lalu

    I paused the video for a bit just to appreciate Lucie's beauty. Sooooo flawless!!!! Ok ill continue bye! 😂

  70. author

    JULIA STJOHN3 jam yang lalu

    that is not a superfan...

  71. author

    SimplyWeirdly Haley3 jam yang lalu

    What's Ian's Instagram?!

  72. author

    Katrinka Tagamolila3 jam yang lalu

    Im inlove with him! Pick me! 😂💕

  73. author

    harrypotterchampion3 jam yang lalu

    Where does napoleon keep his armies? In his sleevies!

  74. author

    Angela Lin3 jam yang lalu

    Um why is name china 🇨🇳

  75. author

    harrypotterchampion3 jam yang lalu

    I think the guy with the glasses is such a nerd.

  76. author

    harrypotterchampion3 jam yang lalu

    I need to see the second guy from the side... I sense a member of the #largesnozgang

  77. author

    harrypotterchampion3 jam yang lalu


  78. author

    harrypotterchampion3 jam yang lalu

    Hi I’m Josh and I am extremely hWhite

  79. author

    asbutani3 jam yang lalu

    You definitely have your own YT channel! You are so good!

  80. author

    asbutani3 jam yang lalu

    what is the professional bullet journal called again and how do you spell it? f

  81. author

    Bithiah Odame4 jam yang lalu

    Brooooo how you getting rid of greatttt 🤯🤯🤯

  82. author

    S14 jam yang lalu

    Capri more like capping

  83. author

    Milanyi Guzman4 jam yang lalu

    And even Jonathan

  84. author

    Milanyi Guzman4 jam yang lalu

    Omar would have been better he is so cute

  85. author

    YouTube Lol4 jam yang lalu

    No one: Steve: uh

  86. author

    Zoe Cadette4 jam yang lalu

    the bestie keeps basing her decisions off of her personal preferences ...that ain't right

  87. author

    KatyCat4 jam yang lalu

    Not once have they made a right choice on this show dude

  88. author

    KatyCat4 jam yang lalu

    Ok she’s very sweet and cute and all but someone tell her that she’s here to pick a bae for¿

  89. author

    KatyCat4 jam yang lalu

    Bruh when she eliminated RJ......

  90. author

    Zoe Cadette4 jam yang lalu

    I liked Shakir

  91. author

    Lluvia Lopez4 jam yang lalu

    The last 3 guys are so great they seem really chill yet energetic ❤️😂🤡❤️

  92. author

    Laggy StaTz4 jam yang lalu

    How tha frick was the guy with the black hair not out first smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  93. author

    BAPPO GAMES4 jam yang lalu

    *Beginning* Stresses about name and accent *The rest of the vid* Drops the accent completely

  94. author

    omjayboy4 jam yang lalu

    Imagine being Mel C and shading Mariah... yikes.

  95. author

    CoDWiiPS3Gameplay4 jam yang lalu

    I love how David just gave up on the accent the more comfortable he got 😂

  96. author

    Ladi Waddell4 jam yang lalu

    Ok. How do they choose these people? Cause I want to do this.... like a lot

  97. author

    Ali Via4 jam yang lalu

    Ian was the best!!!

  98. author

    Anna Bakalemwa5 jam yang lalu

    Nick's face at 09:57 💀😂😂😂

  99. author

    Lokeshwari Gowda5 jam yang lalu

    This video is 10 years old?

  100. author

    Oliver Harrison5 jam yang lalu

    Everyone’s Instagram: Ian - Ian.o.boyle Shakir - parristheboy Matt - matt_barron0 Nick - nickmoleta Kane - kanetrujilo RJ - blackwookie Oliver - freeollieoxen Great - great.okonkwo Josh - joshwitzling Chrissy - iamchristinediaz Arianna - shining.starianna Go hype up these beautiful people :)