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☆New Zealand
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★What's your name IRL?
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☆Sony Vegas Pro 13
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☆Open Broadcaster Software
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☆400 DPI .13 in game
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☆ Fortnite and Overwatch
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☆Literally no idea
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Fortnite but it's WW3Fortnite but it's WW3

Fortnite but it's WW3

15 hari yang lalu

epic skybase memesepic skybase memes

epic skybase memes

Bulan Yang lalu



3 bulan yang lalu

a funny fortnite videoa funny fortnite video

a funny fortnite video

4 bulan yang lalu

fortnite is cancelledfortnite is cancelled

fortnite is cancelled

4 bulan yang lalu

epic season 10 momentsepic season 10 moments

epic season 10 moments

5 bulan yang lalu

i saved fortnite..i saved fortnite..

i saved fortnite..

6 bulan yang lalu

100% headshots only100% headshots only

100% headshots only

6 bulan yang lalu

the invisibility cheat..the invisibility cheat..

the invisibility cheat..

7 bulan yang lalu

people say i have aimbot?people say i have aimbot?

people say i have aimbot?

7 bulan yang lalu

the aimbot glitchthe aimbot glitch

the aimbot glitch

8 bulan yang lalu

the new tryhard skin lolthe new tryhard skin lol

the new tryhard skin lol

8 bulan yang lalu

winning the world cupwinning the world cup

winning the world cup

8 bulan yang lalu

Wicko ModeWicko Mode

Wicko Mode

8 bulan yang lalu

fortnite is broken 😭fortnite is broken 😭

fortnite is broken 😭

8 bulan yang lalu

R A G E.exeR A G E.exe

R A G E.exe

9 bulan yang lalu

i became a fortnite proi became a fortnite pro

i became a fortnite pro

10 bulan yang lalu

rip fortnite :(rip fortnite :(

rip fortnite :(

10 bulan yang lalu

the invincibility glitch..the invincibility glitch..

the invincibility glitch..

10 bulan yang lalu

extra spicy fortnite memesextra spicy fortnite memes

extra spicy fortnite memes

10 bulan yang lalu

i became a fortnite godi became a fortnite god

i became a fortnite god

10 bulan yang lalu

season 8 glitchesseason 8 glitches

season 8 glitches

11 bulan yang lalu



11 bulan yang lalu

fortnite made me go insanefortnite made me go insane

fortnite made me go insane

11 bulan yang lalu

we hit those...we hit those...

we hit those...

Tahun Yang lalu

  1. author

    palette18 jam yang lalu

    Standart skill?

  2. author

    Basil Touzios18 jam yang lalu

    Mau: And They are a trio too! McCreamy: Perfect..... :)

  3. author

    Jack is cracked18 jam yang lalu

    How many wins do you have ? Probably like 5 thousand

  4. author

    _POLSKI_ _SPAWACZ_18 jam yang lalu

    This miniature is fake

  5. author

    FWG Plays18 jam yang lalu

    LOL 6:03 Look at kills LOL

  6. author

    Itz Tyler18 jam yang lalu

    10:52 that’s illegal

  7. author

    Trizon_ Plazma18 jam yang lalu

    I’m commenting from the feature 2020 season 11 I’m magic

  8. author

    Juanpro1010YT18 jam yang lalu

    Nah this is BOT lobbies

  9. author

    loredana nichitus18 jam yang lalu

    Just got my first win! :>

  10. author

    Haleta Media19 jam yang lalu

    All I am saying is when he found the llamas if u look at the people left. The first it was 79 people and the second one was 56. Was he cheating??????

  11. author

    Jason Oliver19 jam yang lalu

    From 3:28 to 3:30 he mounted the clip and edit out when you where Aiming zuckles

  12. author

    Global_ Gamer_5519 jam yang lalu

    if you become better stats on controller you get in rounds with better players

  13. author

    alex19 jam yang lalu

    Well, I counted 98.

  14. author

    Brayden Garrett19 jam yang lalu

    you suck mcreamy you hate dogs

  15. author

    Sundown Fox19 jam yang lalu

    Mccreamy can you do a video where you show your fortnite settings

  16. author

    Juliana Ribeiro Santos19 jam yang lalu

    no o único q eu queria ver esse corno n fez tnc

  17. author

    Kelly Brandt19 jam yang lalu

    Hey this is kinda like what epic did to

  18. author

    It's jacket kid _119 jam yang lalu

    Why do pc people do console first time they always do xbox no disrespect I played on both console so I'm just saying

  19. author

    Bot Minty19 jam yang lalu

    i have 1100 hrs on the game lol

  20. author

    Shawn Liu19 jam yang lalu

    Plot twist: the hosts chose the trio so he wouldn’t have to pay as much xd

  21. author

    Mr plooooooop19 jam yang lalu

    Building time xD

  22. author

    ShxviCheese19 jam yang lalu

    i never thought that I'd feel so good about my stats.

  23. author

    TRayBeast 235019 jam yang lalu

    Half of this video is speed up😅😅😅

  24. author

    Roblox With Malik19 jam yang lalu

    2:35 finally now I can try to 1v1 u 🤣

  25. author

    Dominic Flinn19 jam yang lalu

    I kill them all the time

  26. author

    H1ghsky119 jam yang lalu


  27. author

    Abyss ToxicMoonzx19 jam yang lalu


  28. author

    death dragon19 jam yang lalu


  29. author

    Jennifer Leason19 jam yang lalu

    I love you

  30. author

    Tharun Viswanathan19 jam yang lalu

    bro. They did the pop n lock

  31. author

    Toni Curtis19 jam yang lalu

    Use code creamy

  32. author

    Jeremy Doyle19 jam yang lalu

    Me the whole video 0_0

  33. author

    Arif Miah19 jam yang lalu

    Yoga sniper

  34. author

    dark man19 jam yang lalu

    I need good luck for my test

  35. author

    Nicster _yt19 jam yang lalu


  36. author

    FortYTnite _019 jam yang lalu

    The lama thing is FAKE his friend tagged it HE IS A FUCKIN LIAR

  37. author

    Random? - JKF19 jam yang lalu

    How did he not take fall damage on his 2nd game?

  38. author

    Mari 21519 jam yang lalu

    Simon Cowell be like: 9:53

  39. author

    Luis Alvarez19 jam yang lalu

    People who are in 2020 can like

  40. author

    savage_ Blumpie19 jam yang lalu

    fish pirate bote

  41. author

    gregory johnson19 jam yang lalu

    Can i join your clan please im good my. User name is soup437broken

  42. author

    Eron Berisha19 jam yang lalu


  43. author

    Alexander Hanna19 jam yang lalu

    He is a beast

  44. author

    Aaron Truckenbrod19 jam yang lalu

    Y E E T

  45. author

    Kalynn Tarvin19 jam yang lalu

    Which one is better at sniping Like: Harrison Comment: comi Comment: mccreamy

  46. author

    The Crystonian19 jam yang lalu

    Is it just me ,or does the Infinity Blade seem alright?

  47. author

    Aydin breazeale19 jam yang lalu

    Can you show me your wins next video

  48. author

    Magic Shark19 jam yang lalu

    Did you know if you run in a bush and don’t jump after you don’t take fall damage

  49. author

    OPZ Hex19 jam yang lalu

    Siiete ocho

  50. author

    SHABOYGAN 12319 jam yang lalu

    The fish that made the boat

  51. author

    Biel 221119 jam yang lalu

    amazing kkk can you stop by my channel please? We're together

  52. author

    brishen gillett19 jam yang lalu


  53. author

    YOUR REGULAR GAMER19 jam yang lalu

    Every time a group does a sports emote you kill them...why

  54. author

    xKlutch Quackx19 jam yang lalu

    That’s incredible Jarvis

  55. author

    DivTy INFINITY19 jam yang lalu

    The song is not bad

  56. author

    _meh_19 jam yang lalu

    10:45 why is bandage bazooka mythic?

  57. author

    nur A19 jam yang lalu

    Like if ps4 is better

  58. author

    Bryci Kun19 jam yang lalu

    welcome to the constant 300+ ping club :)

  59. author

    Electrical _ EvanYT19 jam yang lalu

    Lazarbeam got 4000m kill

  60. author

    brishen gillett19 jam yang lalu

    you got trolled gold armour has very little durabilaty iron is better

  61. author

    Rabbit 201119 jam yang lalu

    Best default best deafault

  62. author

    Solo Sticks19 jam yang lalu


  63. author

    loredana nichitus19 jam yang lalu

    DeDaUlT bE lIkE: you dare accuse me, mortal?

  64. author

    PSYCHØPATH PENGUIN19 jam yang lalu

    Tell me why it went from Xbox remote to ps4 remote

  65. author

    Brandon O’Gara19 jam yang lalu

    Anyone else see Mr. Mel an MrFreshasian at #81 at 19:07. Btw its extremely hard to find the exact moment he scrolls past it

  66. author

    ASM Assassin19 jam yang lalu

    He hacking with the lamas I swear

  67. author

    Skylar McDonald19 jam yang lalu

    Who else is strangely annoyed that in the click bait, the very right skull trooper isn’t wearing the ice wings.

  68. author

    Keesha Frye20 jam yang lalu

    Very true

  69. author

    Carter Tardivo20 jam yang lalu

    Mac Grimmie when you said that you have to have a backpack when you don't even have a backpack

  70. author

    Anderson Gabriel Vibal20 jam yang lalu


  71. author

    5,000 subs with no video20 jam yang lalu

    Legends say that there is still a robot is left in water....

  72. author

    VasquezVito20 jam yang lalu

    12:00 music matches the snipe too perfectly

  73. author

    Krzyk20 jam yang lalu

    *Hey 1824 hours+, playing since season 9* *Hey 1824 hours+, playing since season 9* *Hey 1824 hours+, playing since season 9* *Hey 1824 hours+, playing since season 9*

  74. author

    Hayden Mendoza20 jam yang lalu


  75. author

    5,000 subs with no video20 jam yang lalu

    Did.... Whole fortnite map just got one pumped...

  76. author

    Muffinsッ20 jam yang lalu

    *FaZe Jarvis has entered the chat*

  77. author

    Darian Patton20 jam yang lalu


  78. author

    Antwan Sterling20 jam yang lalu

    Can I play with you epic:twanfoe3814

  79. author

    Jaxen Mckinnon20 jam yang lalu

    Rip chapter 1

  80. author

    the guy that spams bully20 jam yang lalu

    Your a bully

  81. author

    plotox20 jam yang lalu

    4:09 The skins that you were wearing matches with a pedophile

  82. author

    Trunks{amv}20 jam yang lalu

    Ww3 coming to fortnite

  83. author

    Legend20 jam yang lalu

    Bro how are U already abt to be at 4 mil omggg

  84. author

    Tick Tock20 jam yang lalu

    Your not the first you know Lazarbeam did it like a year ago

  85. author

    Festisen20 jam yang lalu

    If you play with lazarbeam there is 99,9% its gonna be dumb shit science

  86. author

    Drill insider20 jam yang lalu


  87. author

    z3cho20 jam yang lalu

    Dang squads was tuff

  88. author

    Zoe Blurton20 jam yang lalu


  89. author

    Planned Plan20 jam yang lalu

    yo m8 this is sooooooo good :)) i couldnt there is such thing possible in fortnite super creative love it so bad

  90. author

    Zoe Blurton20 jam yang lalu

    No no no no no you just got this like ha ha

  91. author

    JaKobe Hatcher20 jam yang lalu

    Fish family

  92. author

    artiX yt20 jam yang lalu

    in chapter 2 we still got some hackers? I mean OOMMG Jarvis you are insane

  93. author

    Demos Neokleous20 jam yang lalu


  94. author

    Micah Bustamante20 jam yang lalu

    "make sure to Sub and subscribe wow"

  95. author

    Dri20 jam yang lalu

    McCreamy How dare you disrespect the Xbox controller You were on Xbox then ps4 controller😅😭

  96. author

    Legend20 jam yang lalu

    My friends and I destroyed all of Freinzy in a pub

  97. author

    KingFailsLoka 00520 jam yang lalu


  98. author

    Rice Bowl20 jam yang lalu

    11:00 that’s me BURNTSeagullz

  99. author

    Tsm_ Buhdisattva20 jam yang lalu

    No hating here but LazarBeam hit the world record with the remote explosives.He hit like 2,400 or something

  100. author

    nicholas carlin20 jam yang lalu

    So you’re better at PS4 then Xbox