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  1. author

    G. M.Jam Yang lalu

    chinese pplplease stop eating everything you see

  2. author

    Carmen LanglandJam Yang lalu

    Vires is not a jokes 😱😱😱

  3. author

    james bryantJam Yang lalu

    That's the type of cultural center insensitivity that makes people think America is still racist. Sit down with the kid and parent, explain you want to maintain standards and compromise. Thanks for feeding the trolls you idiot.

  4. author

    Afshin SalehiJam Yang lalu

    Dictators use media to promote their personality cult.

  5. author

    Linda RJam Yang lalu


  6. author

    Not Human GamingJam Yang lalu

    Sorry for being late to the panic, was stuck behind Michael Jackson at the popcorn line

  7. author

    BS AbstractsJam Yang lalu

    I don’t buy into this racism BS, but eff this school. Hair too long 😂👌 I’d stay and graduate and walk across that stage whether that gave me a diploma or not. “Did not graduate due to long hair.” What a BS school policy. Hope that Mom gets some real support instead of that fat, everything is racist guy

  8. author

    Frank LordJam Yang lalu

    Omg, this CBS guy should stay in Hongkong keep lying about so called peaceful protest. That was his expertise.

  9. author

    FomeezerJam Yang lalu

    No one: Not a single soul: IDreporter: wanna know how to get thousands of dollars in just seconds?

  10. author

    aboveyou686Jam Yang lalu

    I thought the thumbnail was the one committing the hate crime

  11. author

    scott choiJam Yang lalu


  12. author

    Blitz KriegJam Yang lalu

    This is the plot for every zombie movie ever

  13. author

    王杰Jam Yang lalu

    To be honest, your Taiwan is much dirtier than the mainland. I have been to your Taiwan. Compared with the mainland cities, it is really hard to say. I did not believe the rumors of Taiwan. I have always pursued non-prejudice and non-discrimination. Only understanding and contact have a say. But when you get to Taiwan, by the way, have you ever been to the mainland?

  14. author

    Dan EricksonJam Yang lalu

    They probably stink.

  15. author

    Mike JimJam Yang lalu

    Hes trash

  16. author

    Repulse theMonkeyJam Yang lalu

    American friends. Imagine how you would feel if a British woman driving on the wrong side of the road had killed a US teenager, then illegally used her husband’s diplomatic immunity to skip the country. Whatever happened to justice?

  17. author

    John Secret SpiritJam Yang lalu

    Told you school is just stress

  18. author

    John Secret SpiritJam Yang lalu

    Why homeschooled

  19. author

    Ivan KJam Yang lalu

    "Barbers Hill" school, obviously conflict of interest....

  20. author

    Infinity Stepping StoneJam Yang lalu

    So God made a mistake when he made this kid's hair? Thus, saith the GREAT SCHOOL JUDGE OF THE EARTH!😒

  21. author

    Valentino SmilezzJam Yang lalu

    It’s not a race thing because I’m not black and been through some very similar situations at school and work it’s more of a controlling narcissistic thing

  22. author

    Tommi ArmaniJam Yang lalu


  23. author

    Larry HuntJam Yang lalu

    China can't be trusted.

  24. author

    Lemarr ThomasJam Yang lalu

    That's cool.

  25. author

    Danny bailesJam Yang lalu

    Jesus can't walk either. Oh no!

  26. author

    robert agueroJam Yang lalu


  27. author

    carolynanJam Yang lalu

    Weird there has been nothing about the Clinton's or Berkowitz they seem to be untouchable

  28. author

    Libertarian Ancap Jibber JabbishJam Yang lalu

    There is a major epidemic in the 20's of every century going back 3000 years. 2020 starting if off right.

  29. author

    Edith WoodsJam Yang lalu

    Trump here you go again with the lying, The book going to tell it all anyway. If you didn't do anything wrong and you have your top lawyers then prove it.

  30. author

    BOONIQUEJam Yang lalu

    All lower level cops do is harass and steal money from people. It's another format of taxation.

  31. author

    Steven DiazJam Yang lalu

    Hes guilty

  32. author

    Lesa RichardsJam Yang lalu

    Do you know what it's funny about this one no Violet no burning down a city peaceful. Now when you got the Democrats ahold one violence burning down your city and we won I guess we know which one has the most class

  33. author

    dark lightJam Yang lalu

    The used the work lockdown so people don't panic, it's quarantined

  34. author

    Kat LapJam Yang lalu

    And there are people starving and killing each other, leave this boy alone, I had red hair in high school so what? Seriously

  35. author

    Bernardo BautistaJam Yang lalu

    Its a dress code not a hair code tf

  36. author

    Baz BuncherJam Yang lalu

    It,s called COMPETITION arseholes

  37. author

    BlackHeart GamingJam Yang lalu

    i litteratly just woke up from a dream where we were talking about this virus about america china and mexico then went on youtube and !@#$%^& found this

  38. author

    Taylor LibbyJam Yang lalu

    Still haven't seen anything that correlates male hair length with academic performance. Maybe the district should be more concerned with actually educating kids instead of enforcing their views on fashion.

  39. author

    Lion EntertainmentJam Yang lalu


  40. author

    Eat my ShortsJam Yang lalu

    Vote for elected school officials and change the rules. Seriously

  41. author

    Jumbo JohnsonJam Yang lalu

    Stink head needs a bath!

  42. author

    The Only OneJam Yang lalu

    Their love is so true and sincere 😍 he adores her so much and she is so proud of him 😍 God bless you two guys ❤️

  43. author

    KEVIN HESKETHJam Yang lalu

    I'm worried how a psychiatrist and psychologists with a television company and a evil family run a human exploitation campaign of decades secretly.These criminals who should be arrested use different type of frequency devices covertly to coercive control.They give a British man schizophrenia not the disease but manufactured and medication without a End.They've stolen a mans life wrecked him.He just about copes with small tasks because they fill his brain with schizophrenia and left sided headaches.Years of it even a couple of days ago in 2020.

  44. author

    Steve StormJam Yang lalu

    The children have no father,like I said they could go to jail.

  45. author

    Adventures tripJam Yang lalu

    In 2030 people will get Zombie 👹🤔

  46. author

    Any FactorJam Yang lalu

    "You are in love with women and all that but with Amos... I was wrapped. He liked more me more then I liked him."

  47. author

    Isacc RodeloJam Yang lalu

    Where me and my girlfriend is gonna go through in a week gonna have to hear people telling us not to do it but I’m just say it’s the ladies choice 😌

  48. author

    FalcoN YTJam Yang lalu

    In 2003 thy said 1500 people died to coronavirus and independent reports said no of deaths were 10000 to 15000

  49. author

    Adam PJam Yang lalu

    A great film. Brutal but brilliant.

  50. author

    Steve StormJam Yang lalu

    Go to JAIL now you deserve it.

  51. author

    mc/NESJam Yang lalu

    All he has to do is identify as a female. Bam problem solved.

  52. author

    ThanosJam Yang lalu

    Anyone who thinks her music is good is a brain dead sheep 🐏

  53. author

    richard neweyJam Yang lalu

    If she cant be extradited then why can she not be tried in American courts ?

  54. author

    Caliban at largeJam Yang lalu

    this is an excellent rule. men should not have long hair no matter what color they are.

  55. author

    mickey munkchunkJam Yang lalu

    I hope that woman has seen this.

  56. author

    Mark AvalosJam Yang lalu

    This town is racist and we know it because I've been there and I see it.

  57. author

    BomfioJam Yang lalu

    Lol losing the nomination and then writes a book called "Our Revolution"

  58. author

    mstrthief00Jam Yang lalu

    CIA created this Virus in Ft. Detrick Maryland, and a few other unnamed sites, remember the genetic testing done on SARS in Great China they had proof that SARS was man made, maybe this new cold virus on steroids is our baby or maybe it’s the mainland China’s baby using it to gain control on China Hong Kong order out of chaos doesn’t just work in the USA, I hope nobody we love catches this bug, it’s not so scary in it’s current state but it’s rapid mutation as it spreads through humans will be something to keep an eye out for.

  59. author

    ZiroxJam Yang lalu

    didn't know resident evil was real.

  60. author

    PulpJam Yang lalu

    Don't worry bro it'll never reach Greenland

  61. author

    KEVIN HESKETHJam Yang lalu

    Someone has been targeting a British man and hack his computer use.To stalking the man.When watching IDreporter or now Amazon prime Those spying on him add to programmes hidden extra frequencies to inflict with no consent a schizophrenia messages effect in the targeted man. It causes pain possible brain cell damage as the pain is always the left side of the pain. Against a mans will and he suspects a television company is behind this human exploitation to harm and also psychologists and psychiatrists who are all criminals and should be arrested but now they hide.Does Jeff know? This is not on Jeff.

  62. author

    Jatin ShettyJam Yang lalu

    Much be that guy from CNN who tried to escape before the quarantine

  63. author

    John DoeJam Yang lalu

    And ofcourse always about race

  64. author

    Rusty Carlos ValdezJam Yang lalu

    The virus is "Our" WW3

  65. author

    Larryjay HamiltonJam Yang lalu

    I have a problem with this. He claims heritage well what should it matter. A traditional Viking haircut thanks to the Democratic socialist COMMUNIST TRAITORS. Has been labeled as the one and only haircut that is supposed the only one that racists wear. If our ancestors haircut is unacceptable then he's should be as well. But in today's world only Caucasian people's heritage are under attack our southern American civil war hero statues stolen in the night flag of rebels labeled a racist flag. If it's so racist a flag why is the same thing not happening to the AFRICAN flags and other nations flags also under the same scrutiny as my heritage. Cut his fkn hair or don't attend it's time that the black population start acting like a majority because white people are now the minority of the European countries. And soon the unbalance of the world will level out

  66. author

    Ken Of DarknessJam Yang lalu

    School didn't care til graduation..... Dress codes was bs because there was hypocrisy in schools. Like "Shorts must be no shorter than above the knee for boys and girls." School ignores shorts that are middle of the thigh. It all bs. If it was a problem. Why wasn't it brought up.

  67. author

    TheCeilingFanCollectorHDJam Yang lalu

    Guys they thought the rock was gay so they threw it over the overpass.

  68. author

    brokenupbeatJam Yang lalu

    We shouldn’t be in a situation where we have to rely on peoples charity to get medical treatment.

  69. author

    PoptexXDJam Yang lalu

    wow he will get in jail soon

  70. author

    criticalhardJam Yang lalu

    Imagine placing a baby nearby a 100+ feet window... lmao this family is pathetic.

  71. author

    BlankJam Yang lalu

    just another fake persona to sell records and relate to your target audience. don't be fooled by these frauds kids! these are all manufactured by the music industry.

  72. author

    [ライム]RaimuJam Yang lalu

    2014: ebola-chan 2020: coronavirus-chan

  73. author

    M WJam Yang lalu

    Superintendent is saying ”we're not racist. It's the law.” Well hon...some laws have been/are racist/sexist. Maybe time to get rid of those laws.Der.

  74. author

    Dimitri MarickJam Yang lalu

    Lmao 😂 gayle said get to the mess please

  75. author

    Form The NationsJam Yang lalu

    Plague Inc. Player : *Am i joke to u?*

  76. author

    WoofWoofWulfyJam Yang lalu

    >Dresscode >Hair not clothes

  77. author

    amal zuhairJam Yang lalu

    Let the kid have his hair there’s a reason why America fought communism let everyone be their own individual

  78. author

    Raine HunkinJam Yang lalu

    If you don't like America as the diverse country we are, no one is keeping you here. White supremacist are sick individuals. Literally mentally ill.

  79. author

    nick4819Jam Yang lalu

    When public schools try to be a

  80. author

    Drew MontoyaJam Yang lalu

    He should cut his dreadlocks they look ugly anyways haha

  81. author

    Chris MacyJam Yang lalu

    Legend has it if you drink enough Coronas it will go away

  82. author

    James PorterJam Yang lalu

    Love you Picard!!! LOVED the premier!!

  83. author

    Muhammad Jasem2 jam yang lalu

    Today the death is upto 25.

  84. author

    Game Boss2 jam yang lalu


  85. author

    DopeBangin Junt2 jam yang lalu

    Prince boomer

  86. author

    TheRenard102 jam yang lalu

    History's repeated, and will repeat more!

  87. author

    Bala Selva2 jam yang lalu

    Bolton really a material witness for the Democratic Party and specially for Schiff. At the Same time he cannot think or rule out Biden’s to be a witness. They both should testify for the good to establish the truth.Even if Bolton doesn’t give any evidence, it is still possible to bring Biden and clear the mystery behind his affairs with Burisma and if he’s nothing to hide , the case against Trump Will be stronger.I think the Democratic Party and the mainstream media fully aware of the dirt and they are protecting him.Biden is your ready available witness bring him in to establish your case.

  88. author

    Space Space2 jam yang lalu

    i hate oprah

  89. author

    SuperPunch762 jam yang lalu

    Shot in 5 days? Well that explains a lot while I was watching it.

  90. author

    Chosen Fallen2 jam yang lalu

    Of course it's a white guy. Everytime they say get over it. I be like why? The party has stopped, so I'm not gonna stop.

  91. author

    smnt rosenberg2 jam yang lalu

    *Em doesn't diss his inspiration and those who have talent*

  92. author

    Angela Howard2 jam yang lalu

    Samson from the Bible never had his hair cut and when he told his secret and his hair was cut, the spirit of GOD left him. They blinded him and made him grind wheat. But his hair grew back and he prayed that GOD's spirit would return to him. And GOD returned his strength and between two pillars, he used his strength to bring down many Philistines that day. Hair like skin color is what you are born with. You are not born with a comb, so his hair is truly natural. You don't tell women how long their hair should be. It's like telling someone they can't drive a red car. I believe everyone should home school and have a test once a week at school. And diplomas should be given to parents and allow then to have a community graduation. The public school system is too strict and ain't nobody got time for half the mess they talking about. They just there to make money.

  93. author

    Prachi's Escapade2 jam yang lalu

    Not having mustaches is cool... such a lame thing to mention u raj

  94. author

    MrConformation2 jam yang lalu

    We are sad for their loss. But there is something nagging in all this... We can see how one may think things are how one may want them to be to justify ones actions as events are unfolding. But, assUming a window is (or not) there is no excuse. If the G-dad knew of his color blindness. He should have never engaged in any activity till confirmed safety measures were in place. IE; 1, Make contact w/the glass B4 even picking up the child. 2, Reaching for the track to confirm glass and distance between the child & danger. 3, Up that high & no air movement felt? WE HAVE TO ASK... Why did the G-dad even need to check for glass even being there (window closed)? Becasue there was a possibility it was NOT there. Even tho the G-dad admitted he never found the glass, assUmed he needed to reach further. Why pick up a child and THEN reach w/one hand to check for glass? Unfortunately, the PA sees this as... "Picking up the child, proceeded to fulfill his wants w/ out positive conformation his search for glass was fulfilled. M J did something similar from a hotel rm.

  95. author

    friend2 jam yang lalu

    Obey the rules. Stop trying to conform Society to your own personal desires. You've known that his hair length has been an issue for some time so why haven't you done anything until now? Your 15 minutes is over thank you

  96. author

    Terry Baker2 jam yang lalu


  97. author

    Skywalker 1252 jam yang lalu


  98. author

    Big Al2 jam yang lalu

    I was done soon as seen the Superintendent!!! When he opened his mouth that told me everything I needed to know about how this school thinks... Don't cut your hair bruh!!! Rock on...

  99. author

    Dr. Starbuck Capt. Galactic Federation2 jam yang lalu

    MORE than human to human!!! A simple cough!!!! And virus lasts on the door handle of piggly wiggly after the cough. Stay safe! Blessings! #teamhuman It was ritten in the HOLY Bible and Holy Qur'an!!!! Messiah is here, satan or Dajjal is here!! Armmagedon is immanent. #thereturnofthekingisnear #giftofknowlege #giftofwisdom #giftofprophecy #giftofinterpretation #royal family is approaching👑 BEWARE!!!! See Dr. Claudia Abers PHD on IDreporter confirmed Nibiru and mrmbb333 and Florida Maquis on IDreporter asap!!!

  100. author

    michael anthony2 jam yang lalu

    The real epidemic is poverty....the rich is untouchable by poverty....but the virus can get them....thats why its such a big deal