Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa - Room For 2Dua Lipa - Room For 2

Dua Lipa - Room For 2

3 tahun yang lalu

Dua Lipa in KosovoDua Lipa in Kosovo

Dua Lipa in Kosovo

3 tahun yang lalu

Dua Lipa - New LoveDua Lipa - New Love

Dua Lipa - New Love

4 tahun yang lalu

  1. author

    Pozioma PLJam Yang lalu

    That beat hits so hard 🥰

  2. author

    Rüzgar Buğlem ÖZTÜRKJam Yang lalu

    Mükemmel !!!!!!!!!!!! ya

  3. author

    Ignacio Rodriguez VaqueroJam Yang lalu


  4. author

    Janeth Megan Hernández solisJam Yang lalu

    Así ho más conveniente esta cansion ahorita ... la amare !

  5. author

    Rob PrinceJam Yang lalu

    Thats it what you do is wear a skimpy outfit and open your legs very sad she can't even sing

  6. author

    John DoeJam Yang lalu

    Such a perfect disco age tribute. Go on my sexy lady. Dua forever

  7. author

    Rob PrinceJam Yang lalu

    Who does she think she is absolutely awful

  8. author

    hahahajackmyswagJam Yang lalu

    5 drinks later and she's taking it in the shitter by mah nigguh

  9. author

    Luis AlbertJam Yang lalu


  10. author

    SantiagoD CJam Yang lalu

    Ruego porque la moda de los 80s regrese..

  11. author

    s sydJam Yang lalu

    Dua Lipa all peoples more move with your song. Bravoooooooooo 👐 👐 👐

  12. author

    Jack HenrryJam Yang lalu

    Hole life I want to watch ur younger figure

  13. author

    Jack HenrryJam Yang lalu

    Don't be old my favoriout singer

  14. author

    anajulia VenâncioJam Yang lalu

    Quem gostou da música deixa like pfv

  15. author

    Sayit DemirJam Yang lalu

    Türk olan

  16. author

    Renzooo _97Jam Yang lalu

    la escucho todos los dias desde que salio, estoy re locoooo

  17. author

    WaruiJam Yang lalu


  18. author

    Watan DostJam Yang lalu

    Walk away, you know how.

  19. author

    LommyJam Yang lalu

    Why do female pop stars must wear swimsuits/underwear on stage?

  20. author

    bud foxJam Yang lalu

    IDreporter put this song on 2019 youtube rewind

  21. author

    Danilo FerreiraJam Yang lalu

    Dua Lipa never flops

  22. author

    Leyla DumanJam Yang lalu


  23. author

    Tha Tha2 jam yang lalu

    Just came here cuz I heard so much nightcores of this song

  24. author

    Joycee V.2 jam yang lalu

    This is my favorite song from Dua Lipa 😌💗

  25. author

    victorious2 jam yang lalu

    I need more music like this, come on people. Drop them

  26. author

    DJ jarvintht músic2 jam yang lalu

    ♥️💕😍The perfect woman Dua lipa LA MUJER PERFECTA DUA LIPA LIKE

  27. author

    Blue ADN2 jam yang lalu

    Estoy acá después de de ver esta canción me en los MAMA me gusto la canción

  28. author

    DJ jarvintht músic2 jam yang lalu

    2019 💕💕💞🇩🇴♥️

  29. author

    That human2 jam yang lalu

    Imma be obsessed with this song goddddd it’s so good ..... it’s trending so much in India right now

  30. author

    Atalía García2 jam yang lalu


  31. author

    Ntando Nhlanhla2 jam yang lalu


  32. author

    David Cress2 jam yang lalu

    No entiendo nada pero Dua es preciosa 😍

  33. author

    Hannane Ashrafi2 jam yang lalu


  34. author

    Łøser._. Álex2 jam yang lalu

    Anyone 2019

  35. author

    Najmul Huda2 jam yang lalu

    goosebumps !!!

  36. author

    Janine Sy2 jam yang lalu

    I'm back here! After watching IDreporter rewind 😁

  37. author

    • P e a c h y •2 jam yang lalu

    Que hermosa

  38. author

    Mister Romero’s English Class AP2 jam yang lalu

    Who else is here because of the IDreporter rewind

  39. author

    AJ Styles Phenomenal2 jam yang lalu

    Dua lipa You re mine dua lipa marry me

  40. author

    Kim Jennie2 jam yang lalu

    Dec 2019?? New rules

  41. author

    Ankush Yadav2 jam yang lalu

    Gonna tell my kids this is your mother.. ♥

  42. author

    Zhadyra Kazebekova2 jam yang lalu

    Don’t Start Now If you don't wanna see me Did a full 180, crazy Thinking 'bout the way I was Did the heartbreak change me? Maybe But look at where I ended up I'm all good already So moved on, it's scary I'm not where you left me at all, so If you don't wanna see me dancing with somebody If you wanna believe that anything could stop me Don't show up, don't come out Don't start caring about me now Walk away, you know how Don't start caring about me now Aren't you the guy who tried to Hurt me with the word "goodbye"? Though it took some time to survive you I'm better on the other side I'm all good already So moved on, it's scary I'm not where you left me at all, so If you don't wanna see me dancing with somebody If you wanna believe that anything could stop me Don’t show up! Don’t come out! Don’t start caring about me now Walk away, you know how Don’t start caring about me now Up, up Don't come out, out, out Don't start now (Oh) Up, up Don't come out, out I'm not where you left me at all, so If you don't wanna see me dancing with somebody If you wanna believe that anything could stop me Don’t show up! (Don’t show up) Don’t come out! (Don’t come out) Don’t start caring about me now (About me now) Walk away (Walk away), you know how (You know how) Don’t start caring about me now

  43. author

    NeoKentTV2 jam yang lalu

    IDreporter Rewind bought me here

  44. author

    drenisa einhorn2 jam yang lalu

    i Love it

  45. author

    AleZoka -_-2 jam yang lalu

    Bora lá 2b😍

  46. author

    Anne Roden2 jam yang lalu


  47. author

    aysha delina2 jam yang lalu

    omfg 2 billion is so near

  48. author

    Vitor Leandro da Silva2 jam yang lalu

    Damm... She's hot!

  49. author

    Валерия Ушакова2 jam yang lalu

    I like your songs. You are amazing!

  50. author

    ExHarper2 jam yang lalu

    Who came here from IDreporter rewind 2019?

  51. author

    Sakuta Azusagawa2 jam yang lalu

    Who's hearing this at shopping mall? 😂

  52. author

    Wayne Lu2 jam yang lalu

    It is nice to see that in the live version, her voice sounds the same.... no auto tune.

  53. author

    Maria Marleide2 jam yang lalu

    Essa música é tudooooo!

  54. author

    Jesus Salvador Zagaceta Guerra2 jam yang lalu

    Ermosa 😍dua lipa😍 igual q mi ❤(Daer💕Peña)❤

  55. author

    Universal Gamer 0072 jam yang lalu

    00:10 you were knocked out by 5yearolderBillieEilish with fist

  56. author

    Test2 jam yang lalu

    love this song bye mia

  57. author

    Gulab Chand Tiwari2 jam yang lalu

    Did the copyrights of this song is sold to the malls..🤣🤣

  58. author

    Hephziba Joseph2 jam yang lalu


  59. author

    Shmaka Viks2 jam yang lalu

    Did she just spin her hand around when she said a full 180

  60. author

    João j.f2 jam yang lalu


  61. author

    Emine Bozali3 jam yang lalu


  62. author

    Alex Janaqi3 jam yang lalu

    PDM never dissapoints

  63. author

    Fede Ramirez3 jam yang lalu

    Aguante latinoamericaaaaaa

  64. author

    André Cr3 jam yang lalu

    Que vale un like?

  65. author

    Salma Melody Tejerina3 jam yang lalu

    Dua me encanta 🖤

  66. author

    Tarun Sri Sai3 jam yang lalu

    Why the fuck is this on my recommended? I watched this like 2 years ago..

  67. author

    Jennifer A3 jam yang lalu

    Love this song. Have on repeat (I usually do that with a song I like).

  68. author

    Emilly lima3 jam yang lalu

    🇧🇷 alguém?

  69. author

    Miss Louisiana3 jam yang lalu

    I hear this in my head before actually released

  70. author

    Natalia Ferreirola3 jam yang lalu

    i love you

  71. author

    Janeiry's life3 jam yang lalu

    My brother went threw a breakup you and him would make a good couple

  72. author

    Niky sarah Ramroop3 jam yang lalu

    I feel dua lipa singing voice and songs she so tough and strong 💪 as cute and adorable as a rose 🌹 you seen don’t see as never had see as how you feel as get after seeing that ohh baby

  73. author

    Xx_grims _xX3 jam yang lalu

    *If she could to the I’m all good already part twice the song would be better*

  74. author

    Jabnel Rugerio Carrera3 jam yang lalu


  75. author

    Joncema TV3 jam yang lalu

    Dua lipa lay on table 3.34 straight

  76. author

    Xx_grims _xX3 jam yang lalu

    Nobody: *THE MALL*

  77. author

    gisele gata bianca silva3 jam yang lalu

    5 billion views !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!7w7

  78. author

    Zeko Ramadanovic3 jam yang lalu


  79. author

    Valerija Laikova3 jam yang lalu

    Мда.. что за мода 80 пошла, то в России, теперь и в США. Надоело уже.☺️

  80. author

    Dennis Cervantes3 jam yang lalu


  81. author

    usuario de google :v3 jam yang lalu


  82. author

    dothedoword3 jam yang lalu

    Her facial expression is like im here lets make this video im bored. But she is still damn sexy

  83. author

    Vince3 jam yang lalu

    Dua lipas beautiful magnetic voice, those funky tunes and piano chords just make the absolute banger for all kinds of people to listen regardless of the type of music they usually listen👏

  84. author

    Rojda Timurtaş3 jam yang lalu

    looks like she's going to swear at any moment

  85. author

    red roses3 jam yang lalu

    She look so beautiful with this hairstyle and her costume just wow🔥.. Love ya😍

  86. author

    Andy B -3 jam yang lalu

    What a weird outfit

  87. author

    kpt753 jam yang lalu

    80's disco.. :)

  88. author

    bcu2 *3 jam yang lalu

    The video is stuck in my head i loved it

  89. author

    D Flores3 jam yang lalu

    Who's here before 2 Billion views?

  90. author

    ASHLy me3 jam yang lalu


  91. author

    Unknown3 jam yang lalu

    Actually her 1st song that I liked and enjoyed listening to! 🤩

  92. author

    DieguitoSN3 jam yang lalu

    "like si sos boludo como los que piden like" que gente idiota

  93. author

    vedant Ninave3 jam yang lalu


  94. author

    DieguitoSN3 jam yang lalu

    malisimo el remix

  95. author

    Guti3 jam yang lalu

    Amazing 🔥

  96. author

    Sami Rekkad3 jam yang lalu


  97. author

    Timi Oluwatayo3 jam yang lalu

    Wasn't this used in IDreporter rewind 2019

  98. author

    عباس صادق3 jam yang lalu


  99. author

    Ezul Amir3 jam yang lalu

    This song obviously a bop. But the MV is just like a typical common party video. It just my opinion

  100. author

    ANTM OFFICIAL4 jam yang lalu

    0:07 Rih rih made a cameo 😭🙌😍